Ashby Congregational Church

Young Church

Community Outcast

Watch this video by Devlin. 
How did it make you feel? What was the most significant emotion you felt?
Who is responsible for the issues raised in this video?
How would Jesus have reacted to this video?
As Christians how should we react to this vdeo?
READ Matthew 25: 35-36
We Want To See Jesus Lifted High 
By Hillsong
In Youth Church all the children who choose to go out into the Church lounge with Caroline and one other adult. There they listen carefully to a shortened and simlified version of a Bible Passage and afterwards, awnser a few questions about it. Next, there is often a craft activity available that is related to the story and finally, the kids enjoy a drink and can have a few minutes in the Church garden before joining the adults again for biscuits after their service has finished.

Every Move I Make, I make in You Jesus
By Hillsong
Ashby Congregational Church